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Hi everyone,

I received the chance to write couple of reviews on some products by A-chem which i would like to say thank you to.

First up on the list of reviews is the cherry liquid air freshener:

What is it?

A liquid air freshener

Scent and colour?

The air freshener scent is cherry and the colour is red but goes more pink when diluted.

What it is being tested on?

Alfa romeo 147

What does it bring to the table?

- Concentrated formulation

- Highly effective

- Refreshes stale air

- Long lasting single application

Availability and cost?

The liquid air freshener is available direct from A-chem in 2 different sizes, 1 litre and 5 litres. The 1 litre container will cost you £4.25 and the 5 litre £6.46.

Now on to the practical bit:

I first started by diluting down the mixture to 5:1 ratio using the rather handy A-chem hd 750ml spray bottles (which can be purchased online for £1.65) it shows on the side dilution ratios, as seen in the picture so you don't have to faff about with measuring liquids out, just fill each to there mark and thats it.

I sprayed about 4 pumps ( two across the front and 2 across the back seats) i set the nozzle to give out a mist which meant there was no little spots of liquid on the seats or dash or anything like that.

The smell is absolutely lovely. You could probably get away with just 2 sprays in the cabin and it would still be as effective.


I like it, great smelling product that you can dilute down so better economy. I hardly used any in the application either so it will last a while.


- consentrated
- smells great
- easy to use
- wont break the bank


- non as of yet, i will need to see how long it lasts and report back but its all good feedback right now.

Link to the products online:

Cherry air freshener-

Fresh - Cherry - Interior Liquid Air Freshener

750ml HD bottle-

A-Chem HD 750ml Bottle & Trigger

I hope you enjoyed reading the review and as always comments are welcome.
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