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Hi again everyone. Done a few reviews for a chem over on detailing world so i thought i would post them up on here incase you all wanted to have a read.

Hi everyone,

Time for the next review in the series, the alloy wheel cleaner.

What is it?

Alloy brite is a non acidic wheel cleaner that will break down dirt and brake dust on alloys, chrome and painted wheels.

Sizes and cost?

The alloy brite is available in two sizes, 1 litre and 5 litres. The 1 litre costs £4.60 and the 5 litres will cost £7.82. If you wish larger quantities are available if you contact a-chem.

What does it bring to the table?

- dilatable up to 9-1
- emulsifies soils contained in wheel
- non acidic
- leaves no residue

What its being tested on?

Alfa romeo teledials ( satin black)

On to the review now?

The alloy wheel cleaner was diluted down to 5 - 1 as the alloys had alot of break dust and grime on them ( not the nest colour of alloy to show this) but it can be diluted to other dilutions such as 3 - 1 for very heavily soiled alloys or 9 - 1 for light soiling.

Alloy brite was sprayed onto the wheel using a HD spray bottle that a - chem sell on there web site. The container says " allow to soak for approximately 1-2 minutes. Agitate is necessary" so this is exactly what i done.

No agitation was needed on these wheels so i went straight on to rinse the wheel using a power washer to make sure all the loosened grime was blasted away easily to show the finished result.

It even cleaned the calliper in the process.

What do i think of it?

I like it, its an affordable alloy wheel cleaner that works well even without any agitation.

- good cleaner without agitation
- wont break the bank
- dilatable
- leaves no residue


- non that i can think of at this

Links to the products used in this review:

Alloy Brite (Non Acidic Alloy Wheel Cleaner)

A-Chem HD 750ml Bottle & Trigger

Thanks for reading and as always questions and comments welcome

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A little add on to the original review, i put the alloy brite up against another brand of alloy wheel cleaner. ( its not demon shine stuff in the bottle its halfords alloy wheel cleaner decanted)

The alloy before:

Sprayed the left hand side with a-chem alloy brite and the right had with the halfords wheel cleaner.

The a-chem didn't foam as much as the other but did seem to stick to the surface more as you can see in the picture. Left for a couple of minutes and rinsed on with a power washer to leave the results. No agitation was done.

On first look both have cleaned well until you look closer,

Left side:

And the right side:

A-chem was far better at getting rid of the brake dust and dirt from the alloy. The halfords wheel cleaner is a acidic wheel cleaner and still didn't perform as well as alloy brite which is non acidic.
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