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I just read this on the Alfa Cloverleaf Website;
A brand new Cloverleaf forum
Coming soon, we will be launching a brand new Cloverleaf website including a host of brand new features. This includes a fresh and upgraded forum.

In response to your feedback in a questionnaire we set up earlier this year, we are in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new Cloverleaf site. One of the areas that will be improved is the new Cloverleaf forum which will make it easier for you to share opinions, advice and photos.

Unfortunately this means that all threads from this site will be discontinued. However, in time we will be putting together a read only archive of the current Cloverleaf forum for members to view, so your valued contributions are not lost.

We will continue to actively monitor and participate in the forum to pick up your suggestions and ideas for how we can improve the new site and deliver the best possible experience to every member.

Aime - Cloverleaf
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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