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Hi , I just became the very proud owner of a Brera and I'm trying to figure out the ICE capabilities, so far I've found out I have a pre blue&me Bluetooth system running on WinCE , no media capabilities , and voice control. I have the 939CD radio. The lady speaks in Italian and she seems oblivious to anything I say, in any accent. As does my phone, it works fine (n900) but noone can hear me.

The mic is situated for LHD, I pulled it out and roared into it like a lunatic .... Nothing.

What I'm stuck on is....

How do I update her to English?
How do I figure out whats wrong / test the mic ?
What head unit do I have?
Can I run an mp3 player into the back of that 939cd unit?


Try applying the B&M English language pack.

If you pull the head unit there is a USB port behind the bottom half
of the HU facia on the actual Bluetooth system.

From memory you insert the usb key and then push the car key
in-out-in to activate the update.

I don't think it'll work though because I think I tried to do it for my French
version on the Brera and it didn't work....

Mic is in the courtesy light cluster. I posted a thread with pics on
how to remove it. Check it's plugged into the loom.

(You can also check the other end when you pull the HU.)

Try searching for MP3 solutions.

Easiest is one that plugs into the CD Changer port on the HU.

(I used an RDS FM transmitter.)

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Thanks Nev,

Did you ever get your car to switch language? I saw you thread on removing the mic, looks good in the housing, I'll take a look at the other side when I have the head unit out.

Have you ever heard of anyone using OpenICE on these systems - or would I risk my Alfa never starting again ;-)

Only the phone functions have voice command.

It is exactly the same as Blue&Me but without the media player and USB
port for external hard drives.
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