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I thought I would give my thoughts on this car now I have had it 3 months and done some miles.

I will start with the engine. Obviously, it will never perform like a turbo, however when I first got the car it seemed to get looser and rev more freely on a daily basis. I reckon it took at least 2000miles before it really bedded in. It is good fun and very rev happy. The main advantage of selecting D mode is how much sharper the throttle response becomes. I am avaraging 42 MPG over a range of driving often in D mode. Now the gearbox, this is a delight to use and all shifts are smooth and precise even if the throw is a tad long. The interiour remains rattle free and is very well screwed togeher - a real step up in quality from my 2006 suzuki swift. Seats really comfy and the driving position spot on. Brakes seem to be excellent and the car sticks to the road like glue - even though the steering does lack a bit of feel.

I have not had any reliability issues. One fault that I have had from new is the ghost passenger but nothing else to report.

My MiTo continues to turn heads and start conversations. So very pleased with this car still. Anyone with an old banger to trade in would be hard pushed to find a better car IMHO for that kind of money. So if you are thinking about getting a MiTo go for it without a doubt. :):):)
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