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Hello all,
Although I now consider myself a veteran on quite a few Alfa issues (156 and GTV), I am new to Spider ownership. So while I have a project Spider to repair I am not familiar with any of the usual roof issues. Needless to say the electric roof doesn't fully work at the moment. I have done some repairs which the previous owner right royally bodged. This enquiry relates to the fact that a) I am unable to connect to the roof ecu and b) I suspect a component is missing. In and around the area of the hydraulic pump I have located 3 connectors and nothing to connect them to. See photos below for the connector ends. What is missing? Like I said, no experience with a spider so I'm going in blind here. I might be barking up the wrong tree so to speak but I dont know anyone else with a spider I can compare it to.
Also, I managed to break the only working Original Alfa key. Not an issue if it wasn't for the fact that the alarm was set when the key failed. Is this now a spares project? Or can a key be created from the vehicle ecu? (2001 Y reg Phase 2 Spider). I only bought it as a project so I wouldn't be too upset with selling spare parts if it came to that. Nice blue style interior etc but I'd rather get it working if I could. Any advice is appreciated... Two of the connectors can be seen here, third one (black connector) in next picture.
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