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Hi everyone,

My late Dad’s old 75 TS LE has been off the road for quite a few years after an MOT failure, rust at the back end due to a leak in the boot.
It used to start and run fine but the starter motor has gone, it was on the way out for a while. I have a replacement starter and would like to try getting it started before putting it up for sale. Is there a fairly easy way of doing this? I’m no mechanic and it looks like i’d have to remove a lot of stuff to do it from the top, is it easier to do from underneath?
I’m 100 miles from the car and going up to Suffolk on Saturday to give it a try so any help is gratefully received.

Also, the petrol will be ancient, any tips on draining this so I can replace it?

I’ve posted this on the 75 section too so sorry for any duplication.

Thanks for any help
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