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My trusty old Fiat Sedici 4x4 1.9JTD walked another MOT yesterday. That is all 4 on the trot with only one advisory on the previous for 'Plastic panels impede inspection'.

Not bad considering she has done just under 70k, and has been totally serviced by me except the cam belt and pump which I paid to get done.

I was a mechanic like 20 years ago but wouldn't attempt cambelts now. The rest of the JTD engine has been a doddle.

I had her from new and so far she has had, 4 sets of front tyres, 1 rear set. Two sets of wiper blades all round. A set of front discs and two sets of pads replaced. 5 x oil changes+filter changes, 3 air filters, two cabin filters, two fuel filters.

One small problem I need to do is occasionally the engine light comes on because of a low signal from the temperature sensor for the DPF. The light goes out and you can feel it re-gen as normal.

The DPF light has never illuminated and all in all she always gets outstanding praise from the MOT stations about the condition.

Maybe I should keep her longer.
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