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60k Service warning light, addtnl Q's: Sage Adv needed!

Hi All,

First just like to say that this 'family' on here is really great and I wish I had found you before I bought!!

So here goes and apologies for length. Just coming up on 60k on my 147 Lusso JTD. Basically I just bought the car in Nov with about 57 on the clock. Dealer I bought it from did the 60k service early. Funny thing is I'm being warned by the system that my 60k service is coming up? Would have thought that this would have been reset after they did the service? Subsequent to purchasing I found out that an RAC check that they assured me was done was not done. To make a long story short they have basically given me reason to think they are not the most trustworthy out there. I have had an AA inspection done myself and there are some minor bits to have checked but otherwise they said the car is solid so decided to keep car rather than sick a solicitor on them for misrepresentation of goods.

My questions are thus:

1. Do I get a 60k service anyway 'cause I don't trust who I bought from? I mean it's stamped and has FASH along with loads of detail from HSBC finance as to what's been done however all stamps EXCEPT this dealers show the miliage it was done it. My bad for not being careful here. Should have asked about this.

2. More importantly do I change the CAM ASAP? All the threads on CAMS makes me worried however I do have a 1 year extended warranty on it that covers any one claim up to £1000 (this includes cambelts).

I am very strapped for cash until March so to do a Service/CAM right now would be very tough for me to swing.

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated.


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