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I am toying with selli g my beloved spider. 03 plate. V6 24 valve. Red leather and carpets. Lightened flywheel. Racing clutch.
Decat manifolds, equal length downpipes, sports cat and quad exit autodelta ragazzon exhaust.
New clutch slave and master cylinders
Can let recently done. 75k miles.
Electric hood. It's a beauty. A well known car by some on here as even seen on the south east car runs.

I need a 4x4, toying with a jeep wrangler. Anyone want to swap?

Cheers Paul.

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I have a metallic dark blue Volvo XC 90, 53 plate, it is the 2.9ltre twin turbo T6 model with 276 bhp. Very few issues with it ( slightly fogged headlamp covers, a forty quid trim piece on the rear door needs new clips and it needs a new lambda sensor according to the diagnostics so the engine management light is on. I have reset it loads of times but now I just leave it on as when it comes on again it is always the lambda).
Extras I bought myself include the sliding luggage cover, Whispbar (expensive) aerodynamic roof bars, plastic boot protector, mesh dog guard, areodynamic blue silicon wipers etc.

I have been thinking of changing it for a few months now but it is a big old comfortable thing that i enjoy driving. Remember, Clarkson reckons this is the best car of its type for the road manners, which is why he bought one for the school run. Consequently I have been loathe to get round to replacing it.
Coincidentally, I have also been seriously considering (lusting after) a V6 spider to replace my twinspark. My misuss said to me only last night as I looked at V6 spiders "shall we get two?", spiders that is! Ie one for her (TS) and one for me (V6). Consequently me ending up with two spiders and no Volvo is no bad thing at the moment.

All I need to know is if you are interested in my car and we could move our discussions forward from there. Not sure how much my Volvo is currently worth (over £42k new but values of big engined vehicles drop like stones these days) but your Spider sounds a beaut so we are probably fairly close on values.

Let me know,

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Thanks for the interest yup my spider is a beauty.
To be honest I am looking for a jeep wrangler. However please send some photos over as you never know.

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Hi Paul

If my car don't float your boat straight off then a few photos are not going to convince you. You already know what an XC90 looks like and mine is as new, except for the previously mentioned minor problems which would be sorted before it is sold.

Do not worry, I am not offended by rejection. If we all liked the same cars there would only be one manufacturer in the world.

If I took photos I would not be happy unless I clean, polish, valet, and generally expend a load of energy on it first.
It's my everyday car. I polish the spider 'cause I love it. I use the Volvo because it's a tool and I don't waste my time polishing tools until they really need it.
So, I hope you will understand if I don't send pictures. The car gets cleaned twice a year, if it's lucky. I would rather polish the Alfa.

Cheers and all the best,
I WOULD love a V 6 Spider, though.


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I'm not sure if many people on the site would have a Wrangler to swap for a V6 Spider.;)
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