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Just had my Bella in for a 40000 mile service..

I was surprised at the cost of the fuel filter €88 (euro +VAT), but had it done anyway, the car has been running fine. Even in this extreme cold, -8/9 the last few nights.. Brrr

A few problems I needed looking at under warranty were, the car horn, knocking from front suspension, and power steering fluid loss…

They discovered a leak from a seal in the pump, and are taking this up with Alfa Ireland, as the pump will have to be replaced. The horn is to be replaced, sounds really girly :lol:.
And they said they could not find any play in the front suspension, wishbone, top-arm etc..But will check it again…

There seem to be a few updates to the software as well….

The tyres are due to be replaced, but I have managed to get 23,000 miles from this set of Goodyear’s…I’m well happy with that..

Anyhow she’s running fine, getting about 43MPG average; And I’ve got a new toy to play with, a mini cam, that can be mounted on the bumper, or inside…So when I get a chance I’ll drive a few nice twisty bits locally…And post them on the Tube…

Happy New Year to all here…

Good stuff !! 23k from tyres is amazing ... be glad you not a Mito owner in this cold weather (just noticed the sticky in that forum) Enjoying my frankly boringly reliable Brera ....
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