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Had my 170 2.0 JTDm since last December - done just over 8K miles in it (we have other vehicles) and its now just short of 130K miles overall. I (rather sadly) record the "brim to brim" mpg on each fill - usually between 45-55 litres, and the mpg per tankful has varied between 34 and 48, most typically being between 43-46mpg, depending on how much is local (sub-15 mile journey), and longer distance runs. I seldom drive in anything other than N mode, but don't generally drive in consciously fuel-saving mode.

My previous 159 2.0 JTDm wagon gave similar figures (surprising as it felt heavier) although on one run when I was tailing my mate who was pulling the race car with his Sprinter, so cruising at 55 - 60 mph, my dash display said I was averaging 75mpg.......;)
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