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40 MPG 😬

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Hi guys

Multiple Alfa owner - 1st time poster ✋

Picked up a 2.0 G yesterday - 150 mile drive home, almost entirely motorway gave Me 49 MPG driving like an absolute nun which I wasn't hugely impressed with.

Today mix of motorway and town and I can't get it above 40ish - again this is absolute feather touch driving in Natural mode.

Our previous heavy old 159 hit mid 50s on motorway travels, the 147s similar being absolutely belted (granted it's way lighter but still....)

Performance seems to be there - there's no hesitation across the range.

Car had full service this year according to paperwork so filters, etc should be fresh..
I've unplugged the MAF to see if he was playing silly buggers but not really seen much difference.

I'll try an EGR blank as that was an issue with economy on a previous car

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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The official MPG is 60mpg. I get that on the computer if I sit at 60mph in 6th gear on the flat. Between 50 and 60 for motorway driving seems normal. I would check the air filter, nice pleasant job !

78 mpg ? Was that coming down out of the mountains ! I've never seen a car that returns more than the official figures, anyone ?
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