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33 Sportwagon 4x4 spares or parts??

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I have a C reg Series 1??? 33 4x4 estate.

It is complete but without an engine (1.5). When I bought it the previous owner had just had quite a bit of welding done for the MOT. It will need a lot of work now to pass I think, as it has been stood in the garage for about four years, has rust in lots of places, not investigated how bad it is.

Would be happy to sell in parts if there is any interest, they are rare and I imagine that parts are hard to find.


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I'm brave but don't have the garage to tackle it . Shame thought it would be a good project .
Must find someone friendly with a garage :)
Just out of interest is the 4x4 system the same as in the P4 ?
It's a different system. It's 2WD unless you manually switch it over, I'm told that driving it in 4WD on the road would kill the system.
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