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33 losing power

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Hi Gang

I'm new here and I of course have a techie question as my first post. I know some people don't like that so I hope a friendly member will help me out with some advice. :)

My problem is with a rather special LHD Alfa 33 with 140km on the clock and that has developed a problem with other words it's lost lots of it. This car is special because it was made for the Italian Police but never actually made it as a Police car.

It was sold off privately along with a few dozen others in around 1994/5. It's registered on an L plate. The other difference with this model is the engine. It's a slightly smaller than usual. I "think" it's 1275cc.

Anyway, the problem is a lack of power. Now this could be down to a million different things but maybe there is a common fault on 33s? One diagnosis was that it's running on only 3 pots and/or one of the valves is damaged/leaky. Personally I thought it was more to do with an air leak, blockage, MAF sensor type thing. As you can tell I'm no mechanic.

Someone put it on a diagnostic machine and said there are no faults so the ECU can be ruled out I guess. Just running around on the flat it seems fine but going up hill it really does struggle.

Can anyone suggest another possible cause or something to try in order to narrow it down a bit. This car I sold to my brother-in-law about 6 years ago and it's been running fine. I'm very impressed with that because it works as a daily driver with little attention laid upon it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.:thumbs:

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Hello and thanks for the replies.

I don't know about the compression test but we've been told that a valve is leaky. I don't know how they would know this without the c-test.

LoneWolf33 - thanks for the other possible ideas. Fuel pressure is certainly a possibility. I've suggest that he gives the car a general service (plugs, leads, rotor, d-cap) first anyway. Compression test (if not already done), coil pack, lambda and MAF sensor come next. If none of that works we'll have to consider what to do next. with only 140k km I'd be surprised if the camshaft was worn already but it's always possible.

I've got some photos at home, I'll try to get them up this evening.

This is really an international forum. Replies from Hungary & New Zealand, I'm in Germany and the car is in Slovakia !!
Sorry chaps, I forgot about the photos last night. Was so tired I just fell asleep in my chair like a right old duffer.
Hi Chaps

Sorry it's taken so long to get the photos up but you know how it is. Anyway, after seeing them I can tell you that the model is a "Feeling" and has the 1351cc engine. I've recommended a general service with particular attention to the fuel filter. Where is the filter ? Some cars have it near the tank, other in the line somewhere. Is it easy to get at ?

Here are some links to the photos of the car. Doesn't appear that this forum is equipped for attaching photos in the thread.

I was told this version was a limited run and that this particular car was one of a few that the Italian Police force were going to use but never did. Brought to England by a couple that had spent many years living in Italy.
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Thanks guys. I'll be going to Slovakia in a couple of weeks so I'll have a look for it then. Not sure what you mean by "wheel" though ? Assuming you mean the drivers side road wheel and the filter is mounted low down on the intermediate bulkhead.
So, brings me to another question. Is there a way to relieve fuel pressure or do I just wait overnight ? Is the filter anything special or do all 33 filters fit all models ? Does it share it's engine with any other models ?
Great source of information here. Very glad I asked and thanks again to all those that have contributed. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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