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Well, for some reason I thought this was a bit of a milestone. I don't normally bother with things like that, but as AO has declined over the years it is the sort of thing you tend to notice, as the first 2k went by very quickly. The last 1k has taken some time.

A bit of shame what happened to the 33 forum - but that is well documented.

Would be interesting to hear people's views on how things like Facebook has eroded (attracted people away from) once was a successful forum, or are there other reasons. Clearly there are a lot less 33s and Suds about, but is specialist forums a declining format generally and will everything one day end up on FB or indeed its replacement? Saying that some parts of the AO forum seem to be well attended.

A bit of a 'heavy' question - but one I would be interested to see what people think....
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