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Hi there everyone,

Since sourcing a Q4 engine in Malaysia is impossible, i was thinking doing a transplant from a fiat coupe into a 155 since its engine derived also from the legendary lancia intergrale. Had anyone ever did this?

Other than that, as an alternative, what can i do to make my 155 8v 1.8 reach.... say like 300hp :p

Currently its 135hp...thanks in advance.

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go for one out of a 16V turbo this is the same engine as a Q4. The 20v is a five cylinder and pretty wide.

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300 out of 1.8? Port grinding, head flattening, Twin Turbo, Chip, other cams, pistons, exhaust, etc, that would do it, just don't think it will have a long life

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ok some points to make here.

(1) Q4 engine will not fit in a 1.8(4wd)
(2) the coupe 20v is nothing like the lancia
(3) the 16v coupe is nothing like the lancia
(4) im not like this normaly
If the engine is strong enough for the power you want, use kit 05040-FI
($839.list). The 5040 kit is a direct port kit which means it will have a
fogger nozzle installed into each runner to inject the nitrous and fuel. The
nozzles are fed through a distribution block to 1/8-inch steel lines,
finally to the nozzles. The nozzles hold the jets, which control the amount
of nitrous and fuel injected. This kit is able to add 100-150HP.

Thanks, NOS Tech Dept.(usa)
got this email today,its for the 155 v6.

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Jimybob, that's a cool safari window of my favourites. Well my favourite is actually the oval window beetle but there's non here in Malaysia.

Oops off topic here.. anyway the power needed is because the honda folks here are like so big with their vtec engines so i thought i gave them a run down once i had the car enough power to smoke'em.

Nitrous Oxide is a bit expensive here so i'll either stick with an NA vs NA or turbo vs NA but I think thats a litttle wee bit unfair... :D

or if all else fails... time to put in the 16v turbo in the hood

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300 bhp ? why don't you a Q4 ? :)
or rebuilt the engine with 2.0 parts,
change the compression ratio to 11:1,
hi-cam, modify valve and valve spring,
Ported, Balanced & Polished Cylinder Head,
change ECU,intake system to racing type,
light weight exhaust system,
carbon head bonnet,
and you can get a around 200bhp but light weight and good control 155 :p :p

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Hi Lightspeed,

There is a 146 Ti in PJ/KL has a Q4 engine in it. You can fit one in. But why? You can easily turbocharge your car and get good bhp. A guy from KL and another guy from Penang (a friend of mine) Turbocharged their 146 1.7 16V Boxer. The Penang one has about 200 bhp. And you know it's not too easy turbocharging a Boxer so a 4-cyl inline is kacang lah for him.

Alfa Aid in UK tried to do a series 3 33 1.7 8V turbo but it came out in Auto Italia magazine once and that's it, never heard of it again.

The Italian car club recently had a drag sesssion with some Hon-DUH cars at SAMP. The coupe 20V Turbos did well. It smoked a Type-R bad...

Penang, Malaysia
75 3.0, 155 2.5

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Has anyone actually sorted any major modifications to their engines yet? Please someone tell that they're pushing 250 horse or something!

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Yeah, there is V6 going around pushing 250bhp. Apparently 10 to 15K went into the making of this car.


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Mak's favourite journalist, Roberto Giordinelli has achieved about 500bhp from his race Berty!!!


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Yeh Yeh, I think journalist is a bit to respectful and know you meant it as a joke Wrinx! wink To be fair to him he did write a few good lines on Gatso's a while back in A.I. but the rest was drivel. I Can't stand what he's done to that car either, all the class of a straight red original has evaporated as he continues to make it appear more hideous by the year.


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Thanks guys on your input, i'll double check on the superchargers.

75evo aka zamani, how much would it cost to supercharge the 8valver?
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