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2013 6x9s

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I'm installing 2 x 6x9 speakers in my Spider. Some nice innovative ones at the moment but my options are down to 2:

1) Focal Access 690- inverted dome tweeters so you can actually direct the sound and kevlar based cone woofers. nice high end speakers all round. Price around €200.

690 CA1 SG - Focal

2) Cheaper option is the JBL GTO 938

Any one any other nice speaker ideas for a soft top spider?
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Generally, you want your music from the speakers 'infront' of you: thus, the 2-way 6.5" component speakers in the doors.

The merit of having 6x9 rear speakers is for added bass (rather than a subwoofer per se). Thus, the reproduction of midrange/treble would be of little value to me. I would actually just add a 6x9" woofer (or two).

Have you upgraded the front speakers too, with decent amplifier? That would be my first port of call.

Having said all of that, both Focal and JBL produce good speakers in general. You could also look at Morel Tempo and Maximo series, and Hertz ECX and DCX.

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