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Mito 1.4 8v 2010
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About to install a Sony Xav az1005DB in 2010 Mito with standard cd unit.
1) I have the Connects 2 facia and 2 din mounting cage on order but I dont think I will need to change the existing din brkt in the car due to the 2din style of the sony unit. ( 2 din display but single din head unit behind the display. Am I right?

2) have ordered a separate DAB antenna but with regards to the cars reguslr FM aerial connection, will that go straight into the back of the Sony or what type of adaptor will I need?

Ok so no replies but think I've answered my questions for anyone else as below,
1) the connects2 dash facia panel and 2 din mounting cage assembly are needed together ( rip out what bracketry is in the car). The new facia needs the new black plastic mounting frame to clip onto when completing the installtion. Also the 2 din cage that came with the sony HU isnt compatible with the 2din cage supplied by connects2 so you wont need that either.

2) looks like I'll need an iso to din adaptor for the cars FM aerial into the Sony.

Hope that helps someone in the future.

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