Make:Alfa Romeo
Mileage:99000 M
Engine:1.9 JTDm (150)
Our 159 is now for sale as teenage boy is 6'+ and not happy in the back.
It is a manual diesel 1.9 JTDm (150) in Lusso spec, dark silver or grey depending on your eyesight. Black leather interior.
99k on the clock and loads of history. Lots from previous owners, and zillions of receipts from work I've done.

The good
I've rustproofed the F&R suspension/subframes. Wire wheel, rust treatment, 2 coats zinc primer, 2 coats black.

Similarly a couple of areas behind the wheelarch liners have been treated. Not rusty but body was beginning to bubble so they got the same treatment.

Cambelt and water pump done 2020/75k ish. At the same time I removed inlet manifold, did swirl flap delete, cleaned it and refitted it. Full service Inc new coolant. EGR partially blanked. Standard map.

Not messed with. Totally standard. Serviced every year on time according to schedule. Doesn't burn oil, holds water etc.

I had gearbox bearings done in the summer after it developed a whine (usual M32 problem), £400. There is a receipt for new clutch in history and it feels fine, no slip.

It's had two Meyle bottom arms fitted, left side 2021 and right side 2022.

Two new tyres on the back (sorry, no names). Bridgestone on the front.

Bodywork is good apart from a bit of flaky paint ahead of OSR arch, couple of scratches. Scrubs up well.

It's had a replacement bumper after someone reversed into the car, so insurance repair to a good standard.

2 wheels have a big scrape on them and they're all doing the usual Alfa crustiness, but the car scrubs up well.

MoT until June 23rd 2023.

Air con/climate working fine.

The bad
It's developed a slight judder at about 1250rpm under load. Suspect injector(s), or possibly the wiring into them. No fault code, and I haven't investigated any further.

There is a clonk from suspension somewhere. I had a look on the ramp but couldn't find anything loose/worn. ARB links are ~1yr old on front, don't know for rear but no play.

Front fog lights a bit yellow-y.

Tailgate inner trim damaged/cracked.

Come and have a look, we're in Napton near Southam in Warwickshire. Test drive with appropriate insurance docs, otherwise I'll take you for a drive.

George 07572 165333

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