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Yeah... pretty much what the title is.

Went to pick up something from the shops, car started fine, drove over there, parked, grabbed my stuff, 5 minutes later came out and the remote wouldn't open the car. Unlocked it manually, car wouldn't start, no sound, no activity, no warning lights, nothing.

Went to the key cutter people inside the centre and the guy tested the key and said the battery was fine, checked if it was transmitting when the boot and door unlock buttons were pressed, that was fine too so he didn't replace the battery.

Got the spare key, tried that, same thing.

Central locking doesn't work either with the key or with pressing the locks inside, each door has to be locked individually.

The key previously stopped working once but that was only the unlocking function that stopped. Just locked the car manually, drove it home fine, then it started working magically the next day.

Have read a couple of things like replacing fuses and disconnecting the battery for half an hour to see if it resets the transponder, would any of this work? Also have read that I might have to get the key re-programmed for the immobiliser but would that apply as the spare didn't work as well?

Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
Update, guy from Allianz came out and had a look at it, turns out the previous owner had an undersized battery in it and this had caused it to blow a fuse. Couldn't replace it with the same fuse but rigged up a makeshift one and will order in the correct one for me tomorrow. Car started, key remote now works fine, all is good in the world. Now just have to find my radio code :confused:
Hey guys,

I posted this a few days ago, the second post obviously being the resolution. After the guy replaced the battery and stuff, there was a stuttering and loss of power for a few minutes after the car had been started. It seems like it's gone away now, just wondering if anyone could tell me why that would happen and if it's something I should get checked out?

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