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So I picked up my baby and love her to bits...the only problem is the stereo. I've gone from having an MP3 CD player, to er...not.

I've seen a few threads about being able to run an iPod to the glovebox..but it's all a bit confusing in honesty!

It's the standard stereo I believe, but my front tweeters (Near the handles) have the bose logo written on them...not sure how to check if it is all actually bose or not...(Where would the amp/sub be hiding in the back?)

Could anyone provide links to what exactly I need to buy to plug my iPod into the stereo so that I dont have to suffer CD changes every 40 minutes? :D


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if it's got Bose, then you could expect:
*no actual tweeter behind the 'Bose grills'; that's cos the tweeters are mounted coaxial style with the woofers down lower; so, 2-way coaxials in the doors
*amplifier mounted under the parcel shelf; if you drop the black liner inside the boot, you should see it mounted up under the parcel shelf
*subwoofer: this should be obvious; a 'box' that is the subwoofer enclosure, to one side of the boot (i believe, cos i've not seen the actual setup in a 156), with a perforated grill/trim over the actual sub

presuming you have no CD changer, the headunit should be compatible with an auxiliary component like an iPod lead or memory card device. it will need to plug into the socket at the back of the headunit where the changer would normally (blue mini-ISO plug).

there's heaps of threads in this forum about such devices. so check out any iPod thread or Icelink or Loudlink or any other such gear. i have no personal experience with these products, but i'm sure someone else can help you with the specific if you cannot find the info.

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