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I knew it was in the tank, lol. Didn't know if it was accessed from the boot area or from behind the carpet area behind the seats. Guessing it's the later?


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916 Spider fuel pump.(might help someone!)

Undo the hood clips as though you are lowering the hood.
Start to let the hood fold away but at the suitable point stop.
Raise the hood rear metal cover & hold in place, likewise the rear of the hood to
push the hood forward out of the way.
Inside this compartment is a carpet retained by various parts.
I cut it in a suitable way to get at the plate & fasteners below it.
There is a metal plate, remove it and access to the pump is below that.
Squeeze the fuel pipe connection to ease it from the top of the pump & tuck out of the way.
Unscrew the retaining ring and the pump assembly can be carefully lifted out.
It's tight & maybe carefully lever from either side.
Be careful of the float for fuel level, the assembly lifts out with a careful turn of the unit.
The pump unit can be part dismantled, careful when handling the float or the fuel gauge might not work or be accurate. I removed the bottom part of the outside pipe of the fuel
reservoir collector part.
I found under the pump fine mesh filter inside the fuel collector that so much fine material had built up that it stopped the pump sucking the fuel into the pump.
My car had done so little mileage for 6 or 7 years that fuel must have evaporated leaving the
fine material residue.
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