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2001 156 stuck rear brake caliper pistons

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Hoping for some ideas/knowhow/intel on rear brake caliper pistons in my 2001 156. I'm half way through doing a brake overhaul - new discs and pads all round.

Fronts are done and were straightforward - but I'm getting nowhere trying to retract the rear caliper pistons. I've got a wind back tool - but can't get either piston to move at all....?

They seem to be seized - feels unlikely that both would seize - unless I'm missing something....? The brakes have been neglected before I got the car - the pads worn well down to the metal - and the discs totally destroyed.

Can anyone please shed any light - make suggestions? Thank you.


Andy H
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I was interested in this thread having had my fair share of grief with brake calipers.
I've acquired a box of currently unserviceable calipers with problems ranging from frayed rubber sleeves to the immovable piston situation.
I wondered if its worth trying to replace the seals/overhaul them as spares.
Is the rubber sleeve just there to stop dirt or is it a fluid seal too?
How do you actually get the old sleeve off and securely fit a new one?
What about the internal seals?
I'm particularly interested in sorting some of the rear calipers I have, they've got the handbrake levers on, but not sure how to dismantle it all assuming one needs to.
Thanks Pub - I've got fed up with buying secondhand calipers for them to last a while then a problem develops so I get replacement...figure there must be a way of overhauling them
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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