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Ok,,, so I have the 156 delivered by client with no selespeed unit fitted. Customer has supplied a "New" unit, I,ve fitted said unit but cant find any info on how the wiring is positioned on sensors and solenoids.
Laying the wiring loom on top of the unit doesnt actually help, was hopeing that the wiring would sort of fall into there usual place.

Somewhere I have seen a picture or diagram of what color wired plug goes to what sensor/solenoid.

So, can someone please help with either pics or at the very least what color wired plug goes to which sensor/solenoid.
I have had a play and connected wires where I thought they might go, but have resulted in the gear indicator on dash either blinking or I cant keep gear 2 lit up. But, if I remove the wiring plug from the senors to detect engagement actuator position I seem to have more luck. with everything wired up the way I thought it should go , changeing manually from 1st to second it jumps straight to gear 5 I think.
So, I,m close but not close enough,,,, hopefully someone can help.

Regards Trevvy
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