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No, contact the Guiness book of might be in with a chance...200k :eek:

I f it gives you peace of mind then go for it but so long as there are no funny noises and you still have forward motion I would just be grateful :D:D:D

Welcome by the way ;)


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bloody hell :eek: 200thou, at what age??? must of been very,very VERY well maintained if its still going strong!

for pointers, check for cam belt and vereater, check if its had a new engine at some point! go thought the recipes with a fine tooth comb!

there's no harm in phoning the last owner if its a trade (the address is usually on the log book or recipes.

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robinsong said:
I thought my alfa had high miles @ 120,00. Well done mate. If it isnt broke dont fix it!
Your`s is still in it`s youth :rolleyes:

I`m catching yer up Pab155 i`m onto 163,000 miles and the wifes Silverstone is up to 148,000

Only thing`s you can really check are the normal wear and tear item`s etc for wear and tear :rolleyes: I`d imagine if it`s been a Rep`s car then it`ll have been well looked after by his company...................mine was upto 100,000 it wanted for nothing then i bought it :rolleyes:

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yer it is very nice car. I had 2.0 on a K and I pick that one up for £720 and that was fast. that had 120k it did not have a body kit like the one i have now.
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