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I recently had my EGR partially disabled by a known AR shop in the Netherlands. I went for a full EGR delete, but they did a partial delete because full would not be possible.

Some had to do with some changes in the MOT (here APK) and a particle measurement, and also with guaranteed MIL/DTC codes on full disable.

I also should never put in a blanking plate or even a plate with 8mm hole.

How do you stand on this subject? I preffer full delete and blanking of, even removing the actual valve.

Having issues with my car from the moment I bought it. Rough idling (just after dropping cold start high rpm to normal rpm), hesitating under acceleration, even almost atalling when driving away . There is a lot of crud in the intake, even replaced the MAP because cleaning was impossible.

Now stuck with a poorly running and increasingly hard to drive car...

Bought at 122.000 km's, now 131.000, driven with premium fuel and some additives.

Multiecuscan reports 48km (times 3) for a regen and 48% clogging (so very nice) and no DTC's ever occurred.

Reset, adaptations, relearn, battery disconnect and normal service (oil, filter, fuelfilter, airfilter etc ) did nothing.

Planning to run WMI, solely water at first.

Also have no documentation so testing and searching is very difficult. Don't know the resistance of sensors etc. Etc.
I come from a euro 3 156 1.9 JTD and had everything for that car (eper, elearn, MES). Now I have nothing.

Any suggestion is welcome!
Thank you in advance.

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