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Before buying my 159 sportwagon last year I spent alot of time on this site. So to help anone else doing the same here is a lowdown of the experience

bought 1st sept 2010 a 60k 1.9 lusso SW from CoOperative in Derby. Fantastic car to drive, lots of smiles and looking back once parked.

Got a 'check engine' warning after 2 months, cost £50 or so for main dealer to fix as the lose part not covered by warranty. next month, next warning light, this time the DPF has failed ! Northgate Alfa in Canterbury replaced this under warranty ( phew ! )

err .. diesel , not too often as good MPG

still smiling still looking back once parked

service at Mobitech in Canterbury, big one at £400 but lots done, will use again.

Passed MOT after 1 year and 12500 miles cost ....£0

Really pleased with my first dip into Alfa ownership

In short, buy one, buy the newest your budget allows and enjoy.
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