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As you guys may remember I'm working on a model of the 1993 DTM cars. They're still not finished (I've had a very busy last few months) but I've released an alpha version because people were getting impatient :) Textures and 3d are still incomplete and will be updated in the near future.

So far they're proving very popular, clocking in well over 1000 downloads in less than a week and appearing in the top ten best car, 3d, texture and handling lists!

Here's a pic:

If you're curious enough to try them out remember that Racer, the game they're for is free but still in an alpha stage and isn't really for the faint-of hearted :) And it's a driving simulator, so prepare to meet the tyre barriers a few times :)
You'll need a decent gfx card too.

Here are the links you need to get going:
the game (9 megs)
Most popular cars (including mine)
Most popular tracks (downloading some new tracks is a must!)
game faq
Alfa 155 discussion on the Race Sim Central forums

They all still have an banner under the right rear light btw :)

Oh, and if anyone could provide me with a straight-on pic of the rear lights and/or head lights that would be really helpful, because they're a bit low resolution and blurry atm.

Cheers, Rob

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tell me what you need, I can like go and take the pics from desired angle and resolution if you need generic alfa 155 pics

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well, Wrinx helped me out on the lights already but I forgot something... I need working brake lights. A bit difficult to get a pic of, I know :) I can fake 'em if you guys can tell me which ones come on while braking.

There are a few areas on the model I'm not really sure of:
this profile should probably be a bit more round...

how does the door meet the a-pillar and what does the indicator of a skinny look like...

The roof has been flattened a bit since the version in the first post, I guess the top of the rear window should as well...

And finally, the DTM thread shows there's still quite a bit of the original dash in there, could you get a pic of that?



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Sorry Rob, dumped your email address. Can you send me another and I'll sort some more piccies out for ya...........unless someone else has already done it?


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-double post removed-

Well, tonight I've been testing the car on a 'professional grade' driving rig, you know, wheel, pedals, seat, the works... It's still in an experimental phase and we'll have to do some more testing before it will really help me make the car behave more real. But the force feedback (reactions from the car through the wheel) were the most powerful I ever experienced, amazing stuff :)

Thanks Wrinx, I'll resend you my address!
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