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hello all!

Just got a 83 spider 2000, it is definitely a project, but its the 3rd project I will be starting. Others were a 79 Triumph Spitfire, and a 79 Fiat Spider 2000.

The wiring is a mess on this one though, the console is off and i see that it will be a while before i can get it all sorted out.

I did try to flat tow it, unfortunately that did not work, the steering locked up due to the key not being in the acc position, busting the front bumper shocks. I did take the bumper off to connect the tow bar, i know i can replace the bumper shocks cheaper then the bumper.
I decided at that point to take it right back and store it with the owner for another weekend, until I can bring a tow dolly, disconnecting the driveshaft and hopefully not have to many problems.

i will definitely be visiting and asking many questions--thanks to all in advance.

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