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My nephew is regretting the sale of his 166 Super. He is the spitting image of the actor Vin Diesel so I wrote a poem in an attempt to cheer him up.
It appears to have had the opposite effect and he's now talking about buying another one.
Anyway he thinks I should post the poem on here, so here goes:

"His car was the Alfa Romeo 166 Lusso,
Powered by the glorious V6 Busso.

The legendary cloverleaf was it's badge,
Not the sort of motor driven by Cads.

The leather interior was supple and sumptious,
And anything but gauche and presumptious.

The six speed gearbox was swift and slick,
You could say with certainty that it did the trick.

As he cruised the streets and boulevards,
He caught admiring glances from poets and bards.

The ladies would simply stare in awe,
When they saw what they thought was Vin Diesel in the raw.

Looking like his role in the Fast and Furious,
They couldn't help ogling and being curious.

In an effort to try and catch his eye,
They'd give a nod and a wink that was sly.

Then he'd drop a gear and make the engine roar,
And down the road he would soar."
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