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..I hope nobody minds me posting this here, but my 166 has to go.

As you may be aware our motortax system is sending so many lovely cars to an early grave, but she might be a more attractive proposition elsewhere.

Anyhow most of the details are here;

Home Alfa 166

However, she’s a bit of a project car because one of the sills is pretty rusty and will need work.

Also the airbag light came on when I reconnected the battery, but hopefully that’s not a big deal.

Otherwise she drives great. The engine knocked out 223.8bhp on a dyno run (against alfa’s quoted 223bhp). I wouldn’t be a big fan of the zender body kits, but everything else you’d want to do to a 166 has been done.. bar a 3.7 conversion..!

I’d hate to see her broken, but I realise that’s a possibility considering the sill and parts that have gone into her. I’m not sure what she’s worth, so I’m going to say €1150ish.. I can get her to the border or a port of your choice if needs be.

I’m going to post this on a couple of other boards if that’s ok..



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