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So, new user and of course a question pops out.

The ICS has to be substituted with a more modern double din multifunctional radio.
The problem, that searching everywhere i couldn't find a solution for, is how to drive the ICS video signal out from ICS board to a new device (an aux video in of a new car radio, a carpc, a monitor...).

I know that the climate control works with the ICS screen disconnected.
So I see 3 posibilities:

  1. Forget about climate data (and additional alert signals, nav i dont care since is covered by the new radio)
  2. keep the ICS monitor as a second monitor and move it in another placement
  3. intercept the video signal from the ICS board, convert it and drive it to a video in on another device

Is it possible that nobody managed to get that video signal and convert it? I see there are devices that work the other way round (to see an external video source on the ICS monitor). So i guess is possible....

Any ideas?
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