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Have indicator/hazard fault not cured by relay swap. The indicator switch/stalk seems to work, as the parking lights can still be controlled using it.
Does the EPER cd have proper electrical diagrams?
Is there another relay for the hazards?

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Rob, first apologies for not responding sooner, I somehow missed your post. Hope the following is of use. Read with reference to the attachments.

Description of operation
The direction indicators and hazard warning lights are controlled by an electronic
intermittence device R2 located in junction unit B1.
The supply for the device reaches pin 6 directly from the battery (maxifuse CENTR of B5)
via fuse F8 of junction unit B1; Pin 2 is earthed.
Hazard warning light operation is controlled by a switch located in unit H35:when the
button is pressed, an earth signal is sent to pin 3 of device R2 of B1.
Pin 2 of H35 is operated when the ignition is turned on (INT/A) via fuse F5 of junction unit
B1; this line is responsible for lighting up control panel H35.
The turn signals are activated by stalk unit H5.
The supply is controlled by the ignition (INT/A) via fuse F1 of junction unit B1; by
operating the lever in both directions a signal is sent to pin 7 (left side arrows) and pin 1
(right side arrows) of device R2 of B1.
Intermittent device R2 of B1 generates two signals that supply the turn signals: the right
hand signal from pin 5 (F11, F21, F31); and the left hand one from pin 4 (F10, F20, F30).
When a trailer is connected, a signal is sent from pin 8 to a special warning light located
in the instrument panel E50.
The tail-lights in clusters F30 and F31 are not conventional bulbs but electronic leds. A
special direction indicator control unit M83 is therefore fitted. This monitors tail-light
activation signals to detect anomalies and controls the various warning lights.
The supply for device M83 reaches pin 6 directly from the battery (maxifuse CENTR of
B5) via fuse F8 of junction unit B1; Pin 8 is earthed.
Pins 10 and 7 receive signals from device R2 of B1 for right and left hand side operation.
The device is connected to the turn signals: located in clusters F30 and F31 with two
feedbacksignals from pins 1 and 2.
The warning lights for the direction indicators, located inside the instrument panel E50,
are also operated by pins 11 and 17; the red LED in switch H35, which lights up the
ideogram with the hazard warning lights switched on, is operated by pin 16.
All the hazard warning lights are also operated by the alarm system control unit M30 (pins
1 and 2 of connector B), which is connected directly to the light power supply

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Hi All

Looks like I may have the same issue - the relay doesn't appear to be the problem after all. Thinking I may have missed a fuse.

I am confused though - "junction unit B1" in the post above, does this relate to the fuses clipped behind the carpet in the boot?

Just realised that the fog lights are not functional either, I wonder whether there is a system that is shared by both - might point to the faulty item?

So, hazards and indicators could be affected by the following issues:

1. The green "relay" unit behind the central console
2. The fuse in the array behind the carpet of the boot, listed in user manual as the indicator fuse
3. ???


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