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Hello Guys,
Sombody Knows how many oil neds the Sportronic gear from the 166 3.0 2000?, it's the Dexron III ? I put new filter and converter and 8 liters of dexron III, but I thing It's not right and I dont find the information In Internet.

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You can use Dextron 3 but it wont last.
There is an official Tutela Oil but it aint cheap.
Bimmers use a similar ZF box but for some reason theirs have a filter etc.
The bimmer owners are much more proactive in changing their oil.

"Thanks to everyone who replied. Sorry for delay but didn't have time to respond earlier.
Have completed the A/T service some two weeks ago.

It turned out that my car has ZF transmission (which, apart from expensive oil, i like
because here in Europe german ZF transmissions have much better reputation than
GM units built into euro cars). It has a green plug saying that it can be filled only
with "lifetime" (what a bs....) oil filling, ESSO LT711741 or equivalent. Filling this
type with DxIII is absolutely prohibited and will sooner or later lead to damage of
internal components. Not all shops i've called were aware of that.

As the oil was rather dark and there was lots of deposits on the magnets that sit
in the oil pan, i've decided to go with "extended" service which includes flushing
out sludge from valve unit, torque converter and oil lines. Total amount of
oil used was slightly less than 8 liters (7.5 USqt).

I've replaced the filter with the original BMW one (i was told that aftermarket
filters tend to either clog or pass bigger particles over the time, depends on
the filter type).

As there was nothing actually wrong with the transmission, there is no dramatic
improvement in the way it works, but indeed, shifts are somewhat quicker and
softer and the reaction to downshift(kickdown) is faster now.

In the service manual i see that on this type of trans the only available method
to check the oil level is either diagnostic unit or thru the fill plug - they did the
latter one, including several checks and corrections after warming the car up.

I hope that this will prolong life of the transmission."
There is a Citroen or peugeot that has the same box and I think you can get the oil from their stealers, possibly cheaper than Esso and probably more readily available.
There is an aftermarket fluid called Redline I think.
Capacity is about 7-8 litres, depends how much you get out box in first place!

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Thank You very much and sorry for my English!!
The Citroen xm uses 7.900(Min)-8.300(Max), But Im not sure about the 166.
I will try this weekend if I have time.
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