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Hi Guys
Since the supply of front dampers is now non existent, I am worrying about what I can do when it comes to renovating Old Red's front suspension when I get round to it, has anyone on here tried the Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers you can get for the 164 at 700 ISH quid for the four springs and dampers they seem like quite a good deal, but I am wondering if they would always be too harsh for this type of car, the 164 is such a wonderful car to drive with its light back end, that little bit of roll and quite a supple ride (in comparison to my other cars ?<img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Wink" class="inlineimg" /> I really wouldn't want to detract from that and I wouldn't want to lower the ride height either
Hoping one of you guys have already given them a punt and you can tell me about them hehe
Cheers ?
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