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I was wondering what is the "proper" remote for my 164 Q4. Recently I started to do a bit of research into reconditioning my set of keys, as they are a bit worn out, and I discovered there are different types of remotes for the alarm/central locking option.

I know the main key differed through the years; I have the black version with the key LED light (so not the newer red key type).

The question now is, to my key, shoud I have the alarm/central locking remote which looks exactly as the key case (but without the key sticking out), or is it possible that I could have another type of remote?

I got two remotes with the car, both of them the same, rectangular, with one red and one black button for closing/opening the car. They have a small rubber band to connect to the key chain instead of the standard piece.

Are you familiar with those, or are my remotes not of the original type?

Should I consider obtaining an original remote (the key-lookalike type) and reprogramming it to fit my car? Is it even possible?
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