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I am putting together a track day 3.0 V6 916GTV
Now, I dont really want to go to the expense of an aftermarket ECU, and I dont much want the complexity of the GTV wiring harness with its electronic throttle, hot wire MAF and immobiliser etc
So, can I run the GTV engine using a 24v 164 ECU, moving vane airflow meter, cable operated throttle pot and harness, which is all rather easier to install and which I have in the shed
Specifically, will the 164 Motronic ECU accept a crank position signal from the GTV flywheel mounted sensor (and cam position sensors), and are the 164 vehicle and GTV engine looms compatible ?
Or, will I have to graft on a 164 timing cover and crank pulley / CPS as well, and use the 164 engine loom
Your thoughts or experience would be welcome................
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