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Hi all. I have a 58 plate 159 Ti which i love but has a few issues.

Firstly, on the way home after i bought the car i noticed the tracking was out. It pulled to the left slightly. I took it back to Mangoletsi's and they did admit that it was out and re-aligned it.......until i drove it home again and it was STILL pulling to the left!!!! :confused:

I take it that this issue is linked heavily with the tire ware issue that the 159's suffer with?? My tires are quite new (think they were changed before i bought the car) so can't tell yet if the inside edges are wearing out. Is this something that they can fix or are people on here finding that the problem won't go away even after the tracking has been sorted? (Again):rolleyes:

Secondly, I have a grinding sensation on my clutch pedal when i get the "bite."
I'm not sure if this is normal for alfas or even the 159's. I am a bit of an alfa newbee.
Could this be the clutch "on it's way out?" I don't ride the clutch so i'm guessing it can't be that.
When i took it to mangoletsi's the first time for the tracking problem, they diagnosed the grinding sensation as Drive Shafts!!! Now, i'm no technician but this is a bit confusing. The car is booked to go back in next week for drive shaft replacement and i'm going to tell them also that the tracking is still out! Is there an issue with driveshafts on the 159's too? The car has only done 46k.

If anyone has had a similar experience then it would be great to know the in's and out's. ;)
I do love my 159 but at the same time i'm hoping that i won't fall out with my dealer.:p

Ps i forgot to add, i'm only getting around 30-35 mpg according to the computer. I do a mixture of overtaking and careful driving but never thrash the thing. Is this about right for the 1.9 jtdm?
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