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Hello All, (this may be abit of a novel)

I'm abit of a noob and this is my first post. Technical jargon will go over my head so any help would be greatly appreciated but layman's terms would be preferential. The story and journey begins back in October when I purchased my 159 Ti TBI with just over 80k on the clock. All bought in good faith from a dealer with service book all up-to-date and stamped. Also the car had a fresh 11month MOT, which is coming to be due next month.

So all great from the get go, love the looks the engine and the ride. But unfortunately a month in I have my first no start, lots of clicking when I hit the start button then all goes black. No lights on the dash, flat battery I assume. A call to Greenflag who come give me a jump start and let me know battery was quite low on charge. He asked what type of driving I'm doing, I explained I work about a two miles away and all journeys I do to friend and family will be most likely less then two / three miles. Also the driving in the morning to work is a bumper to bumper in rush hour. Which he said could be how the battery is losing charge, advised me to take the Mrs out at the weekend for a long drive. This became a saga of flat battery and no starts, for the next few months. I got the battery and alternator tested at numerous outlets all giving the a good bill of health stating the battery was fine and there was minimal / no drain on idle. I was averaging 300 miles from a full trickle charge before it went the battery failed again. So enough was enough and I thought even if the battery is supposed to be fine I want to buy my own and of decent quality and see if this could fix the issue. The old battery was... (see below)

I've never heard of that brand before, so decided to get myself a Bosch.

Once I had the Bosch (see above) installed I was over the moon as I thought I'd solved the problem... which potentially I have as the next issue started out the same but now seems to be more sinister. I no problems for well over 4months and the Alfa was a joy to drive. I got about 1300miles before a few weeks ago I got up to go to work and the dreaded clicking and flickering of dash lights returned and I couldn't start her as I assumed it was the old problem returning. I thought it must have just had enough of all the short journeys and inevitably just lost its juice. If I got 1300 miles / 4months out of each charge I'll take it. That evening after work I tried it again and it started first time, which was odd as with the old issue if it was flat it needed a jump or trickle charge to work again. So while I had her purring I took her out for a 30mile spin on the motorway. This got me to work for the next week until I thought I better trickle charge the battery to full just to be safe.

Here brings us to current situation, I get a week from the trickle charge and I come back from a family party and alass, a flicker and click of dash, no crank and dash goes black. I try to jump start which always did the trick if it were battery flat in the past, this did not work it got the electrics running Id push the start button and it would turn over but not fire, we tried this numerous times but no luck. After disconnecting the jump all the battery and all electrics were back up and running and it even let me try start it numerous times. Again crank crank crank and no ignition!!

The next day i called Greenflag out who sent someone, to cut a long story short, he had no idea (and was only his second day - from what i could gather i dont think he ever looked under the hood of an Alfa before. He couldn't get a diagnosis to work when he plugged his laptop in, he tested the battery all fine, checked all the fuses apparently all fine. used one of those rubber mallet type hammers on the fuel tank to try dislodge a fuel blockage, still no luck. His assessment was that fuel isn't getting to the engine and he doesnt know why, hazarded a guess it could be immobiliers issue or fuel pump. it was then woefully put onto the back of a recovery vehicle and taken to a garage of my choosing whom is a Alfa specialist.

This takes us now to the current day, where i am lying in wait to hear what the issue / issues could be!? i hope its something simple like a cramp relay or fuel pump relay from reading some previous posts on here explain it could be!?

Any input or guidance from you guys would be very much appreciated - I hope you all managed to get to the end of this essay as i know its quite a lengthy post!

Many thanks in advance...

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