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Just got my 159 Ti yesterday and I honestly don't think I stopped looking out the window at it all evening!!!! :lol:

I've noticed though the front brake caliper on both sides has changed colour a little in places, prob due to heat. It is already staring to annoy me.....but im unsure as to what is the best way to repair them as they have Alfa Romeo in white on them. Can you get heat resistant stickers to replace the Alfa Romeo if i painted over it????

Anyone any experience in repairing their own calipers???

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Yes, you can either have them powder coated again for the best finish or buy some brake calliper paint and do some DIY. Apply some heat resistant stickers (eBay) and spray a few coats of high temp clear laquer.

Just do a search as there's a good thread describing how to do all this.

Good luck! :)
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