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Hi guys,

I am preparing to do my first timing belt change on my 159 1.75 TBi, and I am trying to research a bit before. I found mainly Gates and SKF brand timing kits (171 teeth, hope that's a match), which I understand are both good brands. I would also like to know what other components should I change besides the kit (that comes with the belt, 2 wheels and pump). I assume alternator belt should also be changed (probably with one or more wheels).
Also, regarding the tools, I saw two different locking sets - Camshaft lock and Crankshaft lock. And also the TDC measurement tool, that I understand shows you when piston1 is in Top position. Which of these tools do I need ? I think the TDC tool is not needed if I use locking tools, right ?
I'll do the change in a local garage, but I don't trust them fully, so I'll try to insure everything is done correctly.

Thanks !
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