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159 stereo options ?
Recently picked up a 1.9 lusso and have been looking a stereo options. I was intending to swap out the orignal cd player with my sony head unit linked to a sony HD5 20gb mp3 player but i think it would ruin the look of the dash as the red thing going on is pritty sweet. Seriously think i cant live with a single cd player tho ! The sony i have has full control over the mp3 player via a connects 2 box which worked a treat in my fiat coupe and 156. Ive checked there site but its a bit confusing, Has anyone else fitted an mp3 player to there orignal headunit and if so what are my options ? would like to have full controls tru the steering wheel or @ least the headunit. Ive also to fit a parrot ck3100 if that makes any difference ? Also whats the general opinion of the stock speakers ? i would usually change them out but they sound not bad. Ive 2 sets of clarion 13cm's that i removed from my 156 before i traded it in but im not sure there needed now.
Thanks in advance for any pointers
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