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Hi All,

My first post although I have read others on the site for years, often saving a fortune - thanks everybody!

I bought a 2007 159 Sportwagon last week, with 1 key. The remote central locking doesn't work, neither does the button in the centre console.

I have had an auto electrician check it out and he said the key is sending signal, and there are no error codes registered in the car, so it needs reprogramming...

I'm just wondering if anybody has had a similar issue? Seems odd that the centre consol button doesn't work either and I wonder if they might be connected somehow?

I have tried so far:
*changing the fob battery
*disconnecting the car battery for 45 minutes
*checking all fuses that I can think of
*diagnostic computer (no error codes)

If anybody has any other suggestions if much appreciate it, I'm dreading a trip to the main stealer otherwise as I don't have the security codes :(

Thanks very much in advance!

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