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I am new to this forum and new to Alfa Romeo's in general. I am looking to buy a 159 Sportswagon in the next few weeks. I currently drive a BMW 1 series and am very disappointed with it. I have had a few BMW's (X3, very nice and a 318 a beauty) in the past along with a Range Rover (OMG!!), Volvo c70 (tank with a soft top), Peugeot 206cc (sardine can), a new Mini Cooper (loved it but was gutless) along with many more. I'm looking for a change to the BMW's as I am getting quite bored of them, and the only one that is suitable for my needs is the 3series E46 tourer but this just doesn't float my boat and i find it very uninspiring.

I need something that ticks all the boxes. I love the look of the 159 both inside and out and have read quite a few of the online reviews and its all looking good. I'm looking for some advice, comments and tips from other 159 owners with regard as to what to look for or avoid. My preference at the moment is for the 2.4JTDm.

All comments welcome


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