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My car was last serviced 12 months ago, around 10k miles so I want to get it serviced to ensure it runs smoothly. Its a 57 reg 1.9 JTDM.
It had its cambelt, waterpump done this year so have the following in mind for the service.

-Oil and filter change with Wynns engine flush.
-Pollen filter change
-Fuel filter change
-Air filter change
-And an inspection of brake pads / discs etc.

Are there any other items I should be thinking or replacing or any other fluids that need replacing?
I should imagine the brake fluid is still the same as day one, would that need changing?

I'll be changing the fuel and pollen filter myself and the garage I use will be doing the oil and filter and probably the air filter as it sounds like its easier to change the air filter once the car is on ramps.

Thanks all.
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