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Hi. Its 2011 159 - selespeed
Just like that!
I was driving and suddenly the car switched to moving backwards rather than forwared although the gear (on screen) stayed at 1D. Luckily no cars were behind me.
That instance , after some trying it was fixed on its own, i managed to drive home.
Next day it happened again, this time, nothing resolved the problem and now i am towing it to the garage.
So: in 1 the car goes reverse.
I cant engage Reverse, neither on the screen nor in reality (just stays on N) althougb you can hear the sound of gear change (clanking) when i engage reverse.
Resetting the battery didnt help.

4 months ago I had a new clutch system installed (primary and secondary parts). Last month new timing set and new engine seat (or ahatever it is called).
Now another major issue and i am terrified it could be the gearbox gone broken beyond repair !

Thank you

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Hi, sorry for posting in this old thread (and sorry for my English too).

I have the same issue in my 159 Selespeed. Suddenly it travels backward when 1st gear is engaged. If I power off the engine and start it again after a few hours there is a chance to engage the 1st gear and travel ahead, but a message with "Check gearbox" message will be blown after a few meters and the neutral gear will be engaged. After that if you try to engage 1st gear the car will travel backwards.

I took it to the Alfa Romeo official service at my town and they reported me a +5000€ billing to repair the Selespeed, they argue the whole Selespeed has to be replaced.

I needed a second opinion before spending so much money so I called a car crane to take my 159 to a automatic gearbox specialized workshop. After a month they have called me and they said the whole Selespeed has to be replaced costing me the same amount of money.

This forum is my last hope to find a cheaper solution. Do anyone know if I could fix my 159 Selespeed instead of replacing it?

When this error ocurred I connected Alfa OBD and this code errors appeared:


Please, could you help me? Thanks in advance.
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