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Hi All
Just taken delivery of a brand new 159 ti in red with natural leather, front and rear spoilers and bose upgrades.
I love it....bit disappionted with performance and fuel eccom but I am assured that will improve. I will have to wait and see on that one.
My problem however is my Media Player.

When I first got the car I downloaded all my 'itunes music' on to a flash drive in MP4 format and everything worked perfectly. I could search by Album, Artist, Playlists and everything. But suddendly it started messing around a bit and would freeze. I would normally sort this by removing and re-incerting the flash drive but a few days ago it decided it would only play one track. No mateer what I do it will play the first track on my flash drive and nothing else.

So I tried a mates flash drive (everything in MP3) and it worked.
I deleted everything from my flash drive and put just three songs back on. Still the same, it would only play the first track. I tried a couple of different tracks, deleteing and removing and it was the same evrytime.
So, I them removed everything again and put 3 MP3 files on. Hey presto, everything is perfect!!
Any ideas why, for 2 months it has palyed MP4s and now suddenly it will only play only MP3's??
I have asked the dealer to look as it is booked in for something else next week and I no I can just covert all my files to MP3 but it just seems a bit strange!
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