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It completely deppends what youre looking for. I had mine for 9-10 months and wasnt that happy with it. Compared to an 156 TS I had before, the torque felt massive first but disapeard on higher revs (2.2 JTS). It ran thirster and gearing felt more slack.

Steering was good and direct but compared against a 156 could you steer another lap, given you shorter turningcircle (But I dont remember that much, my 156 V6 have terrible turningcircle). Seats was comfortble and plenty of space.

I missed the fun I had in my 156, so I had to get a new one. The 159 felt more like a buissness luxury car with some Alfa sportness and beautiful look. Sadly I think its a noisy car, its quiet from wind and engine noise but the roadnoise took over since the others where silenced. Putting on an sportexhaust made it sound loud inside it, the middle silencer felt useless and had to put back stock on it again.

Timingchain wouldnt last for much longer, had steering rack problems and DMF + Slavecylinder failed on it. Bought it at 65000 km and sold at 82000 km. Maybe and 1.9 JTD would be most economical chooise, maybe the automatic (sadly) runs better since many clutches goes and gearboxes on the 1.9. The GM HF-V6 can push out lots of HP but that costs..2.4 JTD for most fun without spending too much money? Except for timingbelt changes..
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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