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I am currently looking to buy a second hand 159 and have been scouring the usual sites looking for the right one. I have already posted a thread, so some of you may know this already.
I came across an ad on Gumtree advertising an 09 plate, looks like a Lusso, with 19" Ti wheels, 32000 on the clock, for £3450, from Worcestershire.
Too good to be I thought. The ad asked to email seller.
Received email back from 'Beatrice Flin', with a story about the car belonging to her ex husband who cheated on her and she just wants to get rid of the car.
She wanted to do the deal via PayPal and said she would ship the car to me, free of charge, so that I could inspect it prior to payment. All she wanted was my full name, address and phone number.
This is a known scam on Gumtree and many other car selling websites.
After several emails, the seller will eventually ask for an initial payment of up to 50% of the sale price, made payable to a separate bank account in the name of someone else, prior to the car being delivered.
This is the last you hear from them.
The alarm bells starting ringing when I had an email back with the email address as '.'
Well strange I thought.
Way too much info was given about her (if it is a female) life a recent relationship.
Also, she said the car belonged to her husband, but later in a lengthy email wrote 'as you can see by the photos my car is in perfect condition'.
MY car.
Too many alarm bells so I searched for possible scams and in all scams listed, they all ask for full name, telephone number and address.
Just a heads up to anyone who come across this on Gumtree or anywhere else
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